ND Snowmobile Trails

Use the icons above to download trail maps, print trail maps, go to the North Dakota Snowmobile Association’s website, request a snowmobile trail map, go to the North Dakota snowmobile trail GPS website or be taken to the North Dakota snowmobile trail permit site.

Things to know:

North Dakota has 14 state snowmobile trails, which are maintained by members of Snowmobile North Dakota. Trails are open from December 1 through April 1, providing that the trail has a minimum of four inches of packed snow.

Many of the trails are on trail easements through private land. Snowmobilers are reminded to respect private property and remain on marked trail segments.

For an official North Dakota snowmobile trail map and trail locations, contact Snowmobile North Dakota at (701) 328-5357, or drop them an e-mail message at snodak@midconetwork.com.

NEW…State snowmobile trails are now mapped on North Dakota’s GIS Hub. Click on GIS Hub Snowmobile Trail MapOpens in new window to access this information

Trail names, locations and approximate miles include (Click on link for map):

All snowmobiles operated on public land must be registered. Snowmobile registration is handled by the North Dakota Department of Transportation at any licensing office statewide. The registration fee is $40 for a two-year period, which includes a $5 registration fee and $35 trail tax which is used for the state trail system. The fee must be paid on odd-numbered years.

Owners of out-of-state registered snowmobiles must purchase a non-resident public trails and lands access permit, at a cost of $15 per year. Out of state permits may be ordered online by going to https://secure.apps.nd.gov/PNR/Snowmobile/

Information needed to order a non-resident trail access permit includes:

  • Drivers license number
  • Snowmobile VIN number(s)
  • Make
  • Model
  • Color
  • Engine size.
  • You will also need your current snowmobile registration number, the year it expires, and the state which issued it.