MI Snowmobile Trails

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Things to know:

There are 6,400 miles of groomed trails in Michigan. Trail permits are required for all snowmobilers at $35 per season. For more information, please contact the Michigan Snowmobile Association at 1-616-361-2285. Helmets are required for everyone. The un-plowed portion of all county roads are open to snowmobiling. In some northern and UP counties they allow you to ride the plowed shoulder. These counties have signs at all county lines informing you if they are open. State roads (denoted with a M) again have the un-plowed portion open to riding but the plowed shoulder is always closed. You may drop onto the plowed shoulder only to go around an obstruction. Speed limits are (1) Safe and Reasonable, (2) posted on any road, (3) just fast enough to maintain forward motion when within 100 feet of any building or fisherman. Registration Fee: $22 for three years.

Michigan is known by snowmobilers nationwide for its unique combination of abundant and dependable snow, exciting terrain and extensive trail network.

More than 6,200 miles of designated snowmobile trails are located throughout the state of Michigan forests, three national forests and many acres of privately owned lands. Michigan is one of only three states that offer a large system of interconnected snowmobile trails. Approximately 50% of the snowmobile trail system is located on Private lands; 20% Federal; 25% State; and 5% Other Public. More than 150 grooming tractors are used by more than 65 grant program sponsors to groom the 6,200-mile trail system.